Alamo Drafthouse Cinema- Yonkers


Location: 2548 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710

Forget everything you thought you knew about movie theaters. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema brings the movie watching experience to a new level, intact with deep fried deliciousness in the form of frickles.


These dead pickles have been reincarnated to golden sticks of frickle joy.

The movie theater has benches across from each seat, so you can enjoy a meal from a full dinner menu, served by a wait staff during and throughout the movie. There’s also a full bar that you can enjoy before the movie, or order from during the feature presentation. It’s so awesome, we had to create a new word to describe this next-level amazingness. It was fricktastic.  


The fricktastic bar/ticket area

We saw Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which was also completely fricktastic. We’ll be back on September 25 for the Clueless Quote-Along, and maybe a fried pickle or 2. All in all, this was one of our top frickling outings! So much fun, great movie, great appetizers, and great company.


Becca with celebrity guest frickler, TamTam McBirthdayGirl.


Huge Ass Dill = 5 (highest)

Huge Ass Dill = 5 (highest)

Once again, Lyss got her favorite kind of frickle served up! SUPER crunchy (so crunchy I was self-conscious about making noise during the  movie), and perfect consistency so the pickle stayed put in the batter without falling out after each bite. Score.

Serving Size:

Whole Pickle = 4

Whole Pickle = 4

6 spears per serving.

Condiment Selection:

Pickle Spear = 3

Pickle Spear = 3

There was only one condiment, but it was a thick and creamy buttermilk ranch that was delicious.  


Wait Time:

Pickle Chip = 2

Pickle Chip = 2

It took about 15 minutes to come out. Now before you think I’m being too harsh, I ordered before the movie even started, and there were only about 10 people in the theater. Room for improvement.



Pickle Stem = 1 (lowest)

FRICKLE FAIL. The waiter committed the worst crime in the history of the Frickle Chicks. He grabbed the plate away and scampered off before we were finished, and we couldn’t stop him. There was an entire frickle left on the plate. That frickle died in vain. 


Pickle Chip = 2

Pickle Chip = 2

$7.50 for the order. That’s a lot.


Pickle Spear = 3

Pickle Spear = 3

Although the fried pickles themselves were mighty tasty, they took a while, were snatched before we were done, and also kind of expensive. But don’t get it twisted, we’ll definitely be back.