The Penrose


Location: 1590 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10028

I stumbled across The Penrose by accident a few weeks ago, completely expecting it to be one of my old stomping grounds, the sports bar, Ship of Fools. Sadly, my favorite dive bar had closed it’s doors, but I decided to give this new fancy pants spot a chance. Although the beer pong area was unrecognizable now that the place had floors, the menu looked great, and it was kind of nice to sit in a chair that wasn’t held together with duct tape.

Kristina Rose King. #FriedPickleModel

Kristina Rose King. #FriedPickleModel

Kristina is the perfect companion for all things related to eating. Also perfect for having fun, going out, staying in, and life in general. And before you say that I’m crushing on her… guess what… WE’RE LEGALLY MARRIED CIRCA 2007 BY AN ONLINE ORDAINED FRESHMAN MINISTER. So yeah, I know I crush on her, but it’s justified. 

These are the first set of balls that Kristina didn't find gross.

These are the first set of balls that Kristina didn’t find gross.

The frickles were great, made with McClure’s Brooklyn Pickles, in a fluffy beer batter. The best part of the frickles were the huge pickle chunks inside each one. Another menu item worth an honorable mention: breadcrumb battered fried Brussels sprouts in buffalo wing sauce. 

photo 4

Healthy serving of pickle chunk


Whole Pickle = 4

Whole Pickle = 4

This is Becca’s favorite kind of frickle, super fluffy! Lyss also loves a good beer batter. Perfect combo of the two.

Serving Size:

Whole Pickle = 4

Whole Pickle = 4

There were only 8 frickles, but each one had a nice big pickle slice in it, and they were very filling.

Condiment Selection:

Pickle Chip = 2

Pickle Chip = 2

Womp womp. Just one condiment, a smoky sauce, and it was rather ordinary.

Wait Time:

Pickle Spear = 3

Pickle Spear = 3

The usual. Just about 10-15 minutes.


Huge Ass Dill = 5 (highest)

Huge Ass Dill = 5 (highest)

This is 100% biased because the bartender was so ridiculously good looking. Sorry, but I have no idea how the service was. I was completely distracted by the perfect human specimen in front of me.


Pickle Spear = 3

Pickle Spear = 3

$7 for each order. 


Whole Pickle = 4

Whole Pickle = 4

Becca gives them a 4.5, Lyss gives them a 3.5, so we settled on a solid 4. 




Off The Rails

Located at: 1754 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10128

Off The Rails is a solid go-to spot for 3 things:

  1. Sexy bartenders (Hi Albert)
  2. Cheap booze
  3. Booty calls
A romantic evening with your sweetheart after a night at the theater? Not so much. Your best friends birthday at 1 am after a night of bar-hopping? Off The Rails. Having adopted the motley crew of derelicts that once frequented The Big Easy on 92 and 2nd Ave (myself included), before it shut down, Off The Rails feels like the dive-bar equivalent of a home away from home. Your creepy uncle is in the corner by himself, yet somehow it’s weirdly comforting.

Happy birthday Kristina! Honorary Frickle Chick of the day!

I was a little concerned that this establishment serves food, but after taking a tour of the kitchen accompanied by the head chef, I can honestly say the kitchen is in tip-top shape. The chef indulged me by letting us watch him make the frickles from scratch, and even snapping a few photos of the process. All in all, these were mighty fancy fried pickles, carefully dipped in tempura and fried to a golden brown. A wonderfully tasty surprise!

A very serious chef hand-breading the pickles. I don't think he was ready for his close-up.


Texture:       Whole Pickle = 4

The batter was tempura, rather than buttermilk or breadcrumbs. It was very yummy, but not what you think of when you envision a fried pickle.

Serving Size:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

We got the special treatment with 2 full trays… a typical serving is probably 1 tray.

Condiment Selection:       Pickle Spear = 3

Came with a yummy barbecue-ranch, but there were no other condiments in sight.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4

Our frickles were hand-made to order, served in about 10 minutes.

Service:       Whole Pickle = 4

Our waitress was a little all over the place, but it was after midnight at a packed bar, so we can’t fault her too much : ]

Price:       Pickle Chip = 2

$7.00 per order! Ouch!

Overall:         Pickle Spear = 3

These frickles were good, but tempura just isn’t a TRUE fried pickle to these chicks. Especially at $7.00 an order. However, if you are looking for a fancy fried pickle in a not-so-fancy bar, this is your spot.

This isn't the flash, it's God shining down on fried pickles.



Neely’s Barbecue Parlor


Located at: 1125 First Avenue, New York, NY 10065

To our faithful Frickle Fans: So sorry for extended hiatus. Since our last post we have been super busy with life: graduating from Grad School, moving across the state, traveling extensively, celebrating countless weddings, job hunting, apartment hunting, and working a crazy amount of overtime. Alas, it is no excuse to have slacked off to our wonderful fans, especially since we frickled through all the highs and lows of the past few months. We’ve got a stack of reviews higher than a bucket of brine, so check back regularly for new posts from your favorite Frickle Chicks!

Now, down to business: Neely’s Barbecue Parlor located at 62nd Street and First Avenue on the Upper East Side. Here’s what we’re dealing with:

It's hard to tell in the picture how big each pickle slice is. They were thinly sliced, but about 3-4 inches across.

Neely’s has a truly authentic, classy, Southern vibe (at least we think it does, since neither of us have ever been to the real south, just Florida and the Carolinas) but if we close our eyes and imagine a swanky dining establishment straight out of N’awlins, you’ve got Neely’s. A chic dining room, lounge and bar manage to make BBQ elegant… well as elegant as dripping Baby Back Ribs can be. This place is perfect for a business dinner or nice night out. I felt a little self-concious in my tee shirt and jeans, but the staff were very friendly and made us feel welcome. Overall we loved the atmosphere and had a great time, but the frickles fell a bit short of our expectations.

Lyss steals the last frickle staying true to the Frickle Chick motto: "Never Leave a Pickle on the Plate."

Texture:       Pickle Chip = 2

Here’s the thing… these puppies had a lot of love in them. We could tell they were hand-cut, battered in a hand-made concoction of spices, and deep-fried by someone straight out of a Tennessee kitchen, and we feel really guilty giving them a 2… but they just weren’t that good. We had high expectations from the looks of them, but the spices and the taste of the batter just didn’t do it for us.

Serving Size:      Whole Pickle = 4

17 pieces cut from a big-ass Texas dill.

Heaven. 15+ condiment varieties.

Condiment Selection:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

There was a hightop table devoted solely to the purpose of displaying condiments and hot sauces. There are no words.

We also had a selection of 3 barbecue sauces at the table (original, sweet, spicy) and the plate of frickles came with a “secret sauce”. Our experienced taste buds guess that it was some variety of horseradish mayo.

Wait Time:   Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

Our frickles came out of the kitchen in under 5 minutes.

Service:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest) 

Our waitress was awesome. She was quick, nice, and didn’t give us dirty looks for just ordering soda and frickles. She was also participating in a fundraiser for breast cancer, pledging to donate 100% of her tips in the month of October to the Susan  G. Komen foundation, along with shaving her head at the end of the month in support of women currently struggling with breast cancer. A true role model.

Price:       Whole Pickle = 4

$5.25 per generous order.

Overall:        Pickle Spear = 3

We loved everything about this place: the server, the atmosphere, THE CONDIMENTS, just not the fried pickles. We probably wouldn’t go back for them.


Go Burger- Upper East Side


Located at: 1448 Second Avenue New York, NY 10021

Go Burger is pretty new in the neighborhood and when we heard they had frickles on the menu we knew we had to stop by! It wasn’t what we were expecting it to be, but we were pleasantly surprised. It is less of a burger joint and more of a restaurant. The servers had starched white shirts and long aprons, yet it was still a casual and relaxed atmosphere. There was both indoor and outdoor seating, so we picked a high top table in the store front where we were able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Go Burger is the type of place where you would go after work to grab a drink with your colleagues- but colleagues that you can loosen your ties with! Or of course, the place you would go to grab some awesome fried pickles!


These frickles were basically- Pickle Flavored Cupcakes!


Lyss:      Whole Pickle = 4   

Bex:    Huge Ass Pickle Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

We just couldn’t agree on this one.  Bex loved the doughy-ness of the batter, and thought it also had just the perfect amount of crispiness. Lyss thought the fluffiness was delicious but it was more of a novelty, than a perfect frickle.  It was light, doughy, fluffy, and crispy but not too crunchy. 

Serving Size:   Huge Ass PickleHuge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

8 exceptionally large chips 

Condiment Selection:   Whole Pickle = 4

Bex was blown away by this mouth-watering condiment.  The Frix came with ranch-chili-paprika dipping sauce which was nothing short of amazing.  There was also ketchup and mustard available on the table as options.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4

Service:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest) 

Price:   Pickle Spear = 3

$5.00 per order.  Not a horrible price, but now that we’ve been around the block a little bit it seemed like a smidgen too much. 

Overall:     Whole Pickle = 4

These frickles were splendiferous.  They weren’t a total 5 so we had to give it a 4, but we would go back any day of the week and definitely will!

Wicker Park


Located at: 1469 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10028

Wicker Park is the last place I expected to find frickles on the menu, but I was happily surprised last weekend when we stopped in for a night cap and some munchies. The snack section of the menu has several items for only 3 bucks a pop, and this Upper East Side restaurant and bar could not have surprised me any more! Typically serving the UES casual dinner crowd and weekend drinkers, I was not expecting my favorite deep fried delicacy for next to nothing, especially when my bottled domestic beer was $6. They definitely weren’t the best frickles I’ve ever had, but for a late night bite they hit the spot.

Not our favs, but at $3 you can't beat it.

Texture:      Pickle Chip = 2

Breading was a little soggy and not very flavorful.    

Serving Size:   Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

Big bowl with lots of pieces!

Condiment Selection:       Pickle Chip = 2

Horseradish Cream Dipping Sauce was good, but it was the only condiment besides ketchup.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4

Took about 10 minutes for our full order, which was 2 sandwiches and 2 appetizers.

Service:      Whole Pickle = 4

Price:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

All snacks on the menu are only $3.00!

Overall:      Pickle Spear = 3


It is possible Lyss indulged in 1 too many alcoholic beverages.

Southern Hospitality, 2nd Avenue


Located at: 1460 Second Ave., New York, NY 10075

Southern Hospitality is best known as “that restaurant owned by Justin Timberlake.” While his name will always outshine a reputation for the food, the Memphis style BBQ menu has something to please everyone. All they needed to please us, was a good old Memphis classic which they call, “Deep Fried Pickle Chips.”  The restaurant has more of a New York City feel than southern vibe, and we were lucky enough to snag a seat outside to escape the country music and enjoy our frickles in the sunshine.

BBQ ranch was amazing!

Texture:    Whole Pickle = 4

Lightly breaded with batter and breadcrumbs, but it would fall off when we bit into them.  

Serving Size:    Huge Ass Pickle    Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

Overflowing crock with 20+ pieces!

Condiment Selection:      Whole Pickle = 4

Several choices of BBQ and hot sauces, but the only condiment specifically for the frickles was a BBQ Ranch. It was effing awesome.

Wait Time:   Huge Ass Pickle    Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

The restaurant was pretty busy, but our heaping plate came out of the kitchen in less than 5 minutes.

Service:       Pickle Spear = 3

Our waitress was kind of a bitch, but she got our food to us quick.

Price:      Pickle Spear = 3

$6.95 per order. 

Overall:      Whole Pickle = 4

Brother Jimmys, 77th Street


Located at: 1485 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10075

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is a staple in NYC for cheap booze and southern cookin’. With 8 locations in NYC including a prime spot at Yankee Stadium, this was the first stop on our taste tour. Bro Jos is usually packed with the after-work crowd, and stays busy through the night, especially on the weekends. Like the true pickle freaks we are, Bex and I went for our frickles as soon as they opened at 11am. Bex got coffee with hers. To some that may sounds gross, but for those with an addiction to all things pickle (like us), it’s pretty standard.

Notice Bex's coffee in the background.

Texture:    Huge Ass Pickle  Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

Some of the crispiest frickles out there, loaded with breadcrumbs!    

Serving Size:      Pickle Chip = 2

9 pickle chips per serving. In all fairness, they are more substantial than most other places.

Condiment Selection:      Whole Pickle = 4

Great selection of BBQ sauces, but only 1 condiment was specifically for the frickles. The homemade horseradish mayo is really good.

Wait Time:   Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

We were the only people in the place at 11am, but they still came out of the kitchen in less than 5 minutes.

Service:     Whole Pickle = 4

Price:      Pickle Chip = 2

The plate of 9 pieces was $7.95. Most expensive we’ve found so far.

Overall:     Whole Pickle = 4

Lyss with the awesome condiment selection