Pure Pickles- Pickle Me Pete


This long overdue shout-out goes to PICKLE ME PETE! We ran into Pickle Me Pete’s booth back in September at New York City’s Feast of San Gennaro Festival. Having our minds set on heaping plates of pasta and endless pints of wine, our nostrils were side-swiped when we picked up on a pickle-like aroma in the vicinity. We followed our nose radars straight to the source: the somewhat mislaid booth of Pete Starr, founder and mastermind of Pickle Me Pete. 12 varieties of pickles amidst an entirely Italian street fair? We’ll take it!

This picture was taken pre-face-meltage

We tried 3 of Pete’s 12 varieties: New Pickles (Lyss’s favorite kind of pickle), Sweet Chipotle Chips, and the pickle that has it’s own motto: “Just One And You Are Done,” the Ridiculously Spicy Pickle. These puppies are no joke. Lyss touched her face after touching a Ridiculously Spicy Pickle, and her skin actually started to melt off. Pete is a gifted pickle-seur, and if you ever run into him at a one of the many events he’s at throughout the year, definitely give his products a try!

More info at PickleMePete.com