Westchester Burger Co.


Located at: 106 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601

Westchester Burger Co. is located right across from The Westchester Mall in White Plains, and a great option for dinner when you are starving after a day of shopping, yet desperate to leave the mall. It is a casual atmosphere with spacious seating, as well as a full bar against the back wall. Slightly reminiscent of Pizzeria Uno’s, it kind of felt like a chain restaurant, yet for some reason we really enjoyed it anyway. The fried pickles were to die for… they truly made our top 5 list. And of course, the best part, the condiment, was amazing. A mayo-based paprika/pickle remoulade with a hint of cayenne pepper. At our next cooking extravaganza we can guarantee we will be hijacking this little trick and putting chopped pickles into all of the sauces!

Pickle chunks in the sauce- nice touch!

Texture:   Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

These frickles had the perfect consistency. The outside was perfectly crispy and the inside had a very light layer of doughy breading. They were similar to Go Burger’s frickles, only less cakey. Love love love.

Serving Size:      Whole Pickle = 4 

12 generously sized peices.

Condiment Selection:        Whole Pickle = 4

There was ketchup and mustard on the table, and the frickles came with an AWESOME paprika/pickle remoulade, made with a mayo base and real live chunks of pickle.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4 

Moderate.  The wait time was pretty average, not too quick and not too long.  

Service:         Whole Pickle = 4 

Our lovely Irish waitress was friendly, but not overly-perky.

Price:       Pickle Spear = 3


Overall:      Whole Pickle = 4 

We will definitely return to Westchester Burger Co. for fried pickes! One of our faves!