Buffalo Wild Wings- White Plains


Located at: 1 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601

Fried pickle cheers!

Have any of you ever been to the Buffalo Wild Wings in White Plains? It’s so cool, it’s in a bank! The architecture of the building is gorgeous both inside and out, and while I’d rather see that kind of facility turned into a theater or artistic venue, getting served fried pickles from the kitchen (which is inside the renovated vault) is pretty freaking cool.

Buffalo Wild Wings is notorious for their wide array of condiments and hot sauces, so obviously, we were excited before we even walked in the door. As all of our adoring frickle fans know (or as Lady Gaga calls them, little fried monsters) for us, condiments can make or break the overall experience. This time, the condiments were the saving grace of our dining experience, as the fried pickles left much to be desired. The biggest problem for us was the cornmeal-batter. Neither of us are fans of cornmeal on anything to begin with, and with the bulk of the batter made from cornmeal/hundreds of miniature rock-like substances, we were more excited about the variety of 20 sauces and seasonings than our actual dish.

18 golden pucks of cornmealy glory

Texture:         Pickle Chip = 2

We know some people love it, but we thought there was way too much cornmeal. They were also extremely salty, but the creamy condiments balanced that out. 

Serving Size:      Whole Pickle = 4 

18 peices.

Condiment Selection: Huge Ass Pickle  Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest) 

20 various sauces and seasonings, as well as Southwest Chipotle Ranch that came with the frickles.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4 

Moderate.  The wait time was pretty average, not too quick and not too long.  

Service:       Pickle Spear = 3

Our waiter was headed for a 4 until he left us waiting 20 minutes for the check! Ugh. Sorry buddy, down to a 3.

Price:       Pickle Spear = 3


Overall:      Pickle Spear = 3


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