The Peekskill Brewery


Located at: 55 Hudson Avenue Peekskill, NY 10566

The Peekskill Brewery, located right across from the Peekskill train station on the Hudson River, is a frickle spot we have been trying to get to for quite some time. When we heard frickles were added to the menu, we knew we had to try them, but wanted to give the chefs some time to perfect their recipe and they came pretty close! The menu item is served as half fried pickles and half fried jalapenos, each coated in a delicious tempura batter that we thought slightly resembled fried dough. The chef was nice enough to give us a complimentary ‘Pot of Pickles’ which consisted of pickled seasonal veggies (cauliflower, carrots, celery, baby pickles, golden beets, and onions), toast and sea salt butter.  It was very unique and delicious! (This frickle gig has really been paying off for us lately 😉    !)

Our huge ass serving of frickles!

Texture:      Whole Pickle = 4

Crunchy and crispy tempura breading. These frickles were delicious and full of crispy goodness, but we thought that the pickle slices were too thin and should have been a bit thicker so that they wouldn’t get lost in the taste of the breading.

Serving Size:   Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest) 

Amillion and one pieces, including jalapeno slices.  An overflowing bowl full of crispy fried love.

Condiment Selection:    Pickle Spear = 3

Homemade Ranch-Parmesan Garlic dressing- YUM! (One of the best ranch dressings I’ve ever had!)  But… as we are both condiment lovers, we were a little upset that no other condiments were offered.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4 

Moderate.  The wait time was pretty average, not too quick and not too long.  

Service:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest) 

Our waitress was extremely friendly and helpful.  Besides the fact that the chef gave us a complimentary ‘Pot of Pickles’ which was delicious, he also made an appearance at the table to check up on how our food and our frickles were treating us! Great service!

Price:       Pickle Spear = 3

$6.00 They were great quality and great serving size, but seemed a little pricey in comparison to our other frickle adventures.

Overall:     Whole Pickle = 4

We would definitely go back to the Peekskill Brewery for some frickles and jalapenos, as well as to enjoy one of the many handcrafted beers.  

Lyss and guest-star Stroker, frickling their lives away.


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