Memphis Mae’s


Located at: 173 South Riverside Avenue, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

HOLY YUMMY! Before I even say anything, let’s begin with a picture: 

These pickle spears are soaked in magical jalapeno brine for 36 hours before being battered and fried.

Memphis Mae’s BBQ Bistro, located in Westchester County, is a divergence from the backwoods BBQ spots that I’m used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dive bar 6 days a week, but sometimes it’s nice to sit in a chair that actually has a back on that 7th day. Mae’s has a great selection of local(ish) and craft beers, which perfectly complimented the salty and spicy frickles. Yes, that’s right, these pickles are soaked in jalapeno brine for 36 hours before being battered and fried, and it adds an awesome bite to the taste. The frickle chicks are huge fans of all things spicy, hot wingy, and peppery, so after falling in love with this awesome twist on frickles, we tested our luck with Jalapeno Bottlecaps. All we can can say is… nothing, because our tongues are still numb from the blazing injuries we endured. Bex thought these were hot hot hot- but great (she said while drooling from her mouth). These are for the strong stomached fans of flaming food ONLY!

Jalapeno Bottlecaps. Ingest at your own risk.


Texture:      Whole Pickle = 4

Really delicious, crispy batter.

Serving Size:      Pickle Spear = 3

5 spears per serving.

Condiment Selection:   Stem   Pickle Tail = 1

There was not even ONE condiment served with the frickles. There was BBQ sauce and honey mustard on the table, but they weren’t that good. This was a hard blow for us to recover from. The jalapeno bottlecaps were served with “Alabama Sauce,” which was a thin creamy peppercorn dressing. Eh.

Wait Time:      Whole Pickle = 4

Our order took a little less than 10 minutes.

Service:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest) 

Our waiter was super nice and patient with us even though I spilled salad dressing all over the entire table. He also coached Lyss through her first piece of pickled okra.

Price:    Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

All fixin’s on the menu are only $2.95! Amazing. 

Overall:     Whole Pickle = 4

Lyss really loved the jalapeno brine touch, as did Bex but wasn’t completely won over. Overall, these rate pretty freaking high on our list!

Shoutout to Bret, our honorary frickle taster for the evening.


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