Brother Jimmys, 77th Street


Located at: 1485 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10075

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is a staple in NYC for cheap booze and southern cookin’. With 8 locations in NYC including a prime spot at Yankee Stadium, this was the first stop on our taste tour. Bro Jos is usually packed with the after-work crowd, and stays busy through the night, especially on the weekends. Like the true pickle freaks we are, Bex and I went for our frickles as soon as they opened at 11am. Bex got coffee with hers. To some that may sounds gross, but for those with an addiction to all things pickle (like us), it’s pretty standard.

Notice Bex's coffee in the background.

Texture:    Huge Ass Pickle  Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

Some of the crispiest frickles out there, loaded with breadcrumbs!    

Serving Size:      Pickle Chip = 2

9 pickle chips per serving. In all fairness, they are more substantial than most other places.

Condiment Selection:      Whole Pickle = 4

Great selection of BBQ sauces, but only 1 condiment was specifically for the frickles. The homemade horseradish mayo is really good.

Wait Time:   Huge Ass Pickle   Huge Ass Pickle = 5 (highest)

We were the only people in the place at 11am, but they still came out of the kitchen in less than 5 minutes.

Service:     Whole Pickle = 4

Price:      Pickle Chip = 2

The plate of 9 pieces was $7.95. Most expensive we’ve found so far.

Overall:     Whole Pickle = 4

Lyss with the awesome condiment selection


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